Peter Vermes and the Cold Seat

KANSAS CITY, KS - AUGUST 03: Manager Peter Vermes of Sporting Kansas City looks on during the game against Real Salt Lake on August 3, 2011 at LiveStrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)


In the public's eyes, a coach can either be the hero, or the scapegoat. The mastermind behind the success, or the ignoramus behind the failure. A coach, like any other position of power, has an approval rating that changes faster then teenage girls' clothes on prom night. 

When a team performs well enough to perform some sort of miracle- similar to starting the season with a murderous road trip, creating a huge hole, but then going on a monumental run to finish in first place- then the coach is lauded as a genius, and their job has presidential like security. Peter Vermes is that coach.

After last season, many were calling for the head of coach Vermes, claiming that he wouldn't deliver them to the playoffs. That number increased after Sporting Kansas City finished the ten-game road trip with only six points out of a possible thirty. While it was indeed badly managed, the turnaround seen by Sporting Kansas City after the opening of LiveSTRONG Sporting Park has turned Peter Vermes' seat arctic cold. 

The public opinion of Vermes has also risen because of his moves as the technical director. In addition to being the head coach, Vermes has the job as a general manager. It's safe to say that he has performed brilliantly in that perspective.

Omar Bravo, Aurélien Collin, CJ Sapong and Julio Cesar are just some examples of the players Peter Vermes has brought in this year alone. Last year he brought in Jimmy Nielsen and Teal Bunbury. His moves have transformed Sporting Kansas City into a legitimate MLS cup contender, which is why his job as technical director of Sporting Kansas City is far from danger. 

Even if he isn't totally off the hook for his first two seasons and the road trip as a coach, his fine job as the general manager will make sure that Peter Vermes stays associated with Sporting Kansas City for a very long time. Yet, regardless of the first two seasons, his work in turning the team around as a coach probably guarantees him at least two more years, and many more if he keeps it up.

If Sporting are able to go all the way and win the MLS Cup, it's almost a guarantee that Vermes will win Coach of the Year. Which people calling for his job at the beginning of this season could have predicted that?


I would like to thank Justin for allowing me to write for TDW. It's such an honor to have my work on Sporting Kansas City featured on such a reputable blog. I look forward to contributing in the future.



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