Three Questions With Mount Royal Soccer Ahead of Montreal Impact Game

MONTREAL, CANADA - APRIL 28: Bernardo Corradi #23 of the Montreal Impact celebrates his goal with teammates during the MLS matchagainst the Portland Timbers at the Olympic Stadium on April 28, 2012 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Impact defeated the Timber 2-0. (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

Well, well, well. I haven't had a three questions segment in quite some time which is sad because I really enjoy doing them. I think this week was a good week to bring it back though because Sofiane Benzaza of Mount Royal Soccer and I have some great content ahead of the clash tonight between Sporting KC and the Montreal Impact.

His answers to my questions will be posted here down below while my answers to his questions will be on Mount Royal Soccer.


Looking at Montreal's roster I was kind of surprised at the players they have, you guys have gotten some really good pick-ups through the likes of Justin Braun, Lamar Neagle, Justin Mapp, and Tyson Wahl to name a few. But realistically, are there too many expectations on this Impact side? Or is this year just meant to get your feet on the ground?

At the beginning, the expectations were not huge as the expansion team tag was clearly there with a rookie MLS head coach and basically a rookie technical and administrative staff as per its MLS experience. The expansion draft, trades and off-season signings brought more weight to the team and put some name and faces on who will wear the Blue jersey.

The Orlando pre-season tournament was a good sign of what the team can do and expectations went higher and higher as the team produced good soccer on the field. There were some good pick-ups from the draft (Justin Mapp) and great off-season trades and signings including Davy Arnaud that SKC fans know very well, Lamar Neagle in the Eddie Johnson trade and a few international signings that are having a big impact: Felipe Martins and Matteo Ferrari.

Jesse Marsch is keeping the group humble but still managed to form a team of veterans, rookies , young hungry wolves and experienced internationals for a better transition into the Big Leagues.

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What formation does Montreal usually run? Do they possess or play direct soccer? and what are the key parts to their game?

4-4-2 is the motto for Jesse Marsch`s Montreal Impact. It`s a team that likes to have the ball and play quick short passes to stretch out the other and go for the long pass on the sides if the matchup makes sense. Depending who will play in the midfield, Felipe Martins, Collen Warner and Patrice Bernier are important players in ball distributions and control: one important key of the game. But the Montreal Impact are able to play the counter attack with the likes of Mapp, Arnaud, Nyassi and Neagle.

The defensive setup that will need to be done in front of Kei Kamara and C.J. Sapong will be important especially that we will probably Nelson Rivas and/or Hassoun Camara play their first MLS minutes.

A lot of interest around the league has been directed at Italian striker Bernardo Corradi, how has he fared this year and has he been as good as Montreal fans expected him to be?

Up front, Bernardo Corradi will play the central pivot role and will sacrifice body to get the ball and keep it to begin constructing attacks. He is not the fastest; not the most technical, not the youngest but he does the job. Justin Braun was too technically poor to be that starting central pivot and did not spend time enough in the box. If you let him be, he will punish you as he can distribute the ball quite well and always looks for his teammates. Aurelien Collin and Bernardo Corradi will enjoy each other's company all game long.

I am sure that many Montreal fans did not expect him to be so influential in the team so quickly, a testament to his level of professionalism, drive, motivation and hunger to win.

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