Random thoughts and Optimism

Through two games we are definitely seeing a different SKC team than what we are accustomed to seeing. I really do see some things that make me excited about what this team can become once they put it all together. So in the interest of getting myself a bit of therapy I jotted down some thoughts after the disappointing TFC game.

  • Claudio Bieler is the finisher that many of us have been begging for! This is something worth getting excited about! I get excited just thinking about how much better he can get once he gets comfortable with the league and gels with the team.
  • CJ has looked fantastic in his substitute runouts. He has been a handful and made things happen. SKC has looked like a different and far more dangerous team with CJ on the field. CJ should be starting and it should be at the expense of Convey.
  • Uri Rosell has had some moments but he is clearly learning on the job. He's pretty damn good on the ball and his distribution and switching fields is class. His problems come when we're trying to build out of the back. He is getting marked fairly tight at times and not dropping deep to open space or link up in between Besler and Collin. He'll get this figured out in short order I believe. Nagamura switched with him some in the second half and did a much better job of this.
  • The whole backline is struggling. As far as playing out of the back, I think a good portion of that is due to Rosell. The defensive lapses are what is baffling. Seth and Chance look completely out of sorts defensively. Chance took his lumps last week and Seth was abused by Bostick. Most of the lapses by Collin and Besler have come as a result of one of them covering after Seth or Chance have been beaten. Last year indicates they are better and we can assume they'll come back in to form.
  • Benny Feilhaber needs to assert himself. When he gets on the ball he generally looks positive. The issue is he isn't getting the ball much at all. He needs to demand the ball, do whatever he has to do to get on it more.
  • Backpass Bobby Convey needs to take a seat. I've seen enough, he just doesn't offer enough to justify a spot in the starting 11. This team completely transforms when CJ replaces him. Convey isn't providing much service at all. He sure seems to pass the ball backwards a whole hell of a lot. The only time we see anything positive from him is if he's wide open which can only happen from a defensive error or a quick long ball to switch the field.

Well I feel better just dumping some thoughts on paper. I'm a bit frustrated after today but I'm definitely very optimistic about this team. They definitely have the potential to win a bunch and be better than last year's team. Drop Convey for CJ. Stay in the 4-3-3 but CJ pinches in with Seth pushing higher. The defense rounds in to form as Rosell learns and gels with them. Benny starts demanding the ball and pulling strings. Bieler keeps putting them in the net. That's what I'm expecting to see by June when we'll just start stacking points!

I can't wait to get out to Sporting Park next week and Wiz on the Fire!

This post created by a member of The Blue Testament community. Opinions are all their own.

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