Summer window looms for Kamara and Sporting KC


Kei Kamara is back in Kansas City for now, but for how long?

Kei Kamara is officially back. After two goals in two games and earning his first start back in the United States since his loan Kamara is fully integrated back into the squad.

Many people, including myself, were shocked when Norwich City did not extend his loan and make him a permanent signing. He was extremely popular with the fans and was a very good impact sub and occasional starter for the Canaries in his eleven matches.

Norwich City, however, were on the brink of relegation and may not have wanted to make a big signing if they were going to be relegated to the Championship. If Norwich had been higher on the table, they may have made Kamara a permanent signing. However this is all speculation and it's certainly possible that Norwich simply didn't want Kamara more than his loan time.

One thing that is not speculation, however, is that Kamara is a popular man abroad. Right after Kamara returned to Kansas City, Peter Vermes came out and said that several teams from Europe had already contacted Sporting Kansas City and expressed interest in Kamara. Vermes also said that the offer for Kamara would have to be worthwhile and Kamara would have to want to go as well.

Kamara's time abroad wasn't anything spectacular. He scored one goal and had one assist while gathering playing time in eleven matches. He had five shots on goal out of sixteen shots in general. But if there's one thing that Kamara adds to a team is his ability in the air to head balls from set pieces, crosses and corner kicks. That's how he scored his first and only Premier League goal. That's what makes him such a threat in the box.

There will always be a team abroad who could use Kei Kamara's height and aerial ability to either start as a winger or to come in as an impact sub. At Norwich he was used as both.

The English summer window will take place from July 1st through August 31st. This probably won't be a situation like Roger Espinoza where everyone knew in advance that Wigan Athletic had signed him and they just had to wait for the winter transfer window to make it official. With multiple teams reportedly interested in Kamara, Sporting Kansas City may be able to hold onto him into August and maybe even later in the month.

But if the interest is as strong as Vermes has said then it's a near certainty that Kamara will be playing for someone else this autumn. If for some reason no offer is deemed acceptable by Sporting Kansas City then that will be great for us. We'll get to keep Kei for the rest of the year at the very least. If, however, Kamara is transferred to a team abroad then we should celebrate one of Kansas City's favorite players getting the opportunity to play in the big leagues permanently.

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