2014 Sporting Kansas City salaries released.

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all - Mike Hewitt

Matt Besler, Benny Feilhaber and Graham Zusi are making bank with some other, lesser-known players making high salaries as well.

The salaries for the 2014 MLS Season have been released with an increase in most of the high-profile players since last year. Here are the salaries in alphabetical order.

Club Last Name First Name Position 2014 Base Salary 2014 Guaranteed Compensation

KC Besler Matt D $      200,000.00 $           200,000.00
KC Bieler Claudio F $      225,000.00 $           225,000.00
KC Collin Aurelien D $      275,000.00 $           281,250.00
KC Dovale Toni D $      180,000.00 $           185,000.00
KC Duke Christian D $        36,500.00 $             36,500.00
KC Dwyer Dom F $        80,000.00 $             92,500.00
KC Ellis Kevin D $        48,825.00 $             49,575.00
KC Feilhaber Benny M $      325,000.00 $           337,187.50
KC Gruenebaum Andy Gk $        85,000.00 $             85,000.00
KC Joseph Peterson M $        51,150.00 $             51,150.00
KC Juliao Igor D $        48,500.00 $             48,500.00
KC Kempin Jonathan Gk $        70,000.00 $             77,083.33
KC Kronberg Eric Gk $      120,000.00 $           120,000.00
KC Lopez Mikey M $        85,000.00 $           157,000.00
KC Martinez Alex M $        36,504.00 $             36,504.00
KC Medranda Jimmy M $        48,504.00 $             48,504.00
KC Munoz Victor M $        36,504.00 $             36,504.00
KC Myers Chance D-M $      160,000.00 $           185,000.00
KC Nagamura Paulo M $      220,000.00 $           220,000.00
KC Olum Lawrence M/D $        48,825.00 $             48,825.00
KC Opara Ike D $        97,500.00 $           103,750.00
KC Palmer-Brown Erik D $        48,500.00 $             49,000.00
KC Peterson Jacob F $      110,000.00 $           114,833.33
KC Rosell Oriol M $      150,000.00 $           158,750.00
KC Saad Soony F $        51,150.00 $             51,150.00
KC Sapong Cj F $        95,000.00 $           112,000.00
KC Sinovic Seth M-D $      125,000.00 $           131,750.00
KC Zizzo Sal F $        77,000.00 $             91,045.71
KC Zusi Graham F-M $      365,000.00 $           398,250.00

To compare to last year's salaries, check out Down the Byline's list, linked here.

The largest increase we see is in Graham Zusi's salary as he jumped $225,000 in base salary. This is the result of the retention funds used by Sporting Kansas City during his contract extension, paying down an undisclosed amount of his contract against the cap.

Other notable increases are Benny Feilhaber, who went up $25,000 in base salary and Matt Besler who will be earning $20,000 more in 2014. Aurelien Collin also saw a $25,000 increase, as well as Claudio Bieler. Chance Myers is going to see a nice payday in 2014 too, going up $55,000.

Paulo Nagamura is the only starter with a notable decrease in salary, seeing a $45,000 decrease in base salary from last year.

All in all, Sporting Kansas City will owe their players $3,731,611.87 in guaranteed compensation. The MLS Salary cap is only $3.1 million but a combination of retention funds, allocation funds, designated player rules and off-budget players allow Sporting KC to have good depth while staying under the cap.

It also helps that the $500,000 combined salaries of Kei Kamara and Bobby Convey are off the books this year.

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