SKC notebook 5/10/14

Kronberg won his first save of the week - Thad Bell

News, notes and observations on SKC: squashing EPB rumors again

SKC Notebook

Sporting Kansas City may be as close to full strength as they have been for a while now and with National Team camp on the horizon as close as they will be until after the World Cup. Vermes will have Collin back from suspension and Zizzo trained this week and could be available but will more likely be on the bench if he is in the 18.

There was talk that Erik Palmer-Brown might be on the bench for last match but a knock in practice meant no first appearance for the 17-year old. He should be ready now but with Collin back, Olum will probably be back on the bench as the number one center back sub option.

Dovale (Toni) looked good working with the first team in practice this week.  It would not be surprising to see him get some time in the game to allow him to continue to adapt to MLS play. His first start was cut short due to illness. He may be needed if Zusi is missing for a few weeks.

Eric Kronberg won his first save of the week for his stop on Bernardo Anor in SKC's win over Columbus Crew.

Rumors (or not)

Speaking of EPB, it seems that every couple weeks another report shows up saying that he is being sold to Juventus. Probably just rehashing the same original reports but worth confirming. After practice on Thursday Vermes squashed it again. "No, there's nothing, I haven't talked with anybody. It's all just chatter, it's not real," replied Vermes. "I haven't talked to anybody since Florida."

With Opara out for the year and Besler probably going to Brazil, there has been some speculation that SKC might be looking for another CB to add some more depth. With the primary transfer window closing on May 12th time is running out to buy a player. When asked if they were going to make any more moves prior to the window closing, Vermes responded, "We're not doing anything."

Kudos to the Crew

After last weeks loss, Crew manager Greg Berhalter was complimentary to SKC. "In all honesty, Kansas City is a better team right now. We’re not there yet." He mentioned Sporting KC being the better team and that is where the Crew want to be a couple more times. A lot of managers hesitate to admit sort of thing, pointing toward their own team not playing well or bad luck or referees.

Another compliment: After the match Crew keeper Steve Clark made it a point to shake hands with the ball boys. Nice touch and good sportsmanship.

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