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The Daily Wiz Announcement And A Guarantee

Programming note: As is obvious as could be, I've been away from The Daily Wiz for a while this past week for a couple of reasons. 1) stuff that you can't control comes up in life that occupies your time, and 2) I've been in the process of working with the SB Nation network on moving TDW over there in the coming weeks. So, look for a return to the regular posting schedule starting now and until forever.

And, a quick thought to get out there before moving on to this week's game against Real Salt Lake:

This team is, and I repeat IS, going to the playoffs in 2010.

You can put my name to that.

Why so confident, do you ask? Simple - since the creation of this humble little blog of which I reside, the Wizards are 3-0-1 in all competitions. I take full credit. Coming right off the back of three straight shutout losses after the World Cup break, something needed a change. Something had to be done.

I took it upon myself to create the new lifeblood of this wonderful soccer club we call our Wizards and gave the ultimate shot in the arm - The Daily Wiz. (That sounds pretty disgusting, now, doesn't it?)

All kidding aside, who knows if they are going to continue this run and end up sneaking into the playoffs, or not. But, if they do, I'm set up to look incredibly smart. Beyond that, I've maintained the stance all season that this team was far better than they were performing. That's a bold statement by any stretch of the phrase, but I never wavered on that opinion. Simply put, with the coaching change (Onalfo got fired again, by the way. Shocked.) and such great roster turnover, there was to be a real transition period.

We'll call that transition period games 1-15 of the league season. The victory at Columbus is included for being the turnaround and bearer of fruit for putting up with pure and utter crap for much of the spring and summer.

So yeah, we're going to the playoffs. I'll see you on the home and away legs of the conference semis.