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Big News Announcement Regarding Kei Kamara Coming Tuesday?

With that one harmless little update on Twitter tonight, Kansas City Wizards leading goal scorer, forward Kei Kamara, sent all the Wizards kingdom of loyal supporters (actually, just myself, really) into speculation over what the grand news coule be about.

Early speculations (amongst myself and another person or two on Twitter) are, but not limited to:

  • Kei and the club have reached an agreement on a new contract for the 2011 season and beyond.
    I would certainly not be upset one bit if this were the case. Kei is leading the team in goals this year with a career high of nine and has become somewhat of a face of the club off the field, as well. He was feautred in a television commercial along with Teal Bunbury showcasing the new stadium. You would have to think Kei is in the club's long-term plans. And, he seems to really be enjoying himself in Kansas City. He knows he is loved.
  • Kei and Chipotle have agreed to an official sponsorship deal.
    Would this really surprise anybody? Honestly, the bigger surprise would be that something of the sort hasn't been arranged sooner.
  • The Wizards and Chipotle have agreed a naming rights deal for the new stadium.
    This is more speculation than anything, but there was a curious Tweet from the Chipotle official Twitter account. When the prospects of playing at "Chipotle Park" next year was mentioned to the account, the response was as follows:

Yeah, I am not sure what the status is but I know they were looking into something. Never know with those things though. -Bob

Again, this is mostly speculation, but there's not a whole lot else that could be out there to announce regarding Kei. I'm very much so hoping it's the first possibility and the club has re-signed Kei for three more years. He's really one of my favorite players, and played an instrumental part in me becoming interested in the Wizards this year.

Whatever it is, stay tuned to Kei's Twitter all day tomorrow to find out.