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Wizards Get Must-Have 2-0 Win At Chicago, Remain On Playoff Life Support

<strong>#KeepHopeAlive</strong> (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
#KeepHopeAlive (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

When your back is absolutely against the wall and there is no where to go, you really show your true colors and who you are. Tuesday night, the Kansas City Wizards were firmly planted, backed into a tight corner, their slim playoff hopes hanging by a thread.

Quite simply, they needed to win their final three games, while the Colorado Rapids must lose their final two. Perhaps it was the Wizards (finally) showing their true colors, or perhaps it was just a microcosm of what has been a fairly frustrating season - so bad one day, so good the next.

I'll be honest - for the first time this season, I wasn't able to watch the game, because I was stuck at work, so I've very little to offer. I do know, though, just as you probably do, that goals from Davy Arnaud and Teal Bunbury gave the Wiz their 2-0 victory and kept hope alive.

Perhaps you can share a bit of insight with me, tell me how exactly the game went? Any celebratory thoughts? I wonder what the mathematic odds on making the playoffs are now...

Things I CAN tell you:

  • Michael Harrington played the full 90 minutes for the 27th time this season. Through 28 games, Harrington has played and started all 28, and played all but three minutes. Curse Peter Vermes for taking him off once all season. 2,517/2,520 minutes played. Only keeper Jimmy Nielsen has played more minutes. (the three that Harrington missed, too.)
  • The Wizards somehow managed to score two goals without Ryan Smith even on the bench. That is a great feat in and of itself. Based on match highlights, Josh Wolff wasn't terrible? He played a great ball to Teal for his goal in the 80th minute.
  • Colorado IS going to lose to Los Angeles Galaxy Saturday night at the Home Depot Center. The Wizards WILL beat New England the same night. The final weekend of the season WILL be exciting.