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Live Thread: Kansas City Wizards vs San Jose Earthquakes

Say goodbye to CAB, hello to KC Soccer Stadium next year.
Say goodbye to CAB, hello to KC Soccer Stadium next year.

Match Details

Kansas City Wizards (10-13-6, 3rd place Eastern Conference) vs. San Jose Earthquakes (13-9-7, 5th place Western Conference) 7:30 pm CT - CommunityAmerica Ballpark - Kansas City, KS

Wizards Starting XI

Kronberg - Espinoza, Besler, Thomas, Leathers - Aiyegbusi, Jewsbury, Arnaud, Zusi, Myers - Diop

Bench - Kempin, Nielsen, Rocastle, Kamara, Wolff, Holbein

Earthquakes Starting XI

Busch - Leitch, McDonald, Ward, Hernandez - Cronin, Stephenson, Wondolowski, Convey - Johnson, Geovanni

Bench - Edwards, Corrales, Beitashour, Ring, Alvarez, Sealy, Eduardo

Quick Thoughts

Three goalkeepers on the roster and a defensive midfielder starting alone at center forward in a 4-5-1/4-3-3 with a pair of non-forwards. It must be the last game of the season. I like seeing Myers being given the chance to start another game, and doing so at what I think is his best position - right mid, especially as wide as he will be with the chance to go forward a lot. Aiyegbusi starting in the midfield is interesting, but intriguing. I like the chance for him to use his speed to attck.

More thoughts to come down in the live thread comments. Join in on the last game of the season, and bring any thoughts or questions about anything.