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Peterson Joseph Apparently Suffering From a Knee Contusion

With today's Reserve League match against the Houston Dynamo underway, it was noted that Sporting KC midfielder Peterson Joseph was not in the starting lineup for Sporting KC, nor on the bench for Peter Vermes' squad.

Peterson also wasn't on the first team squad that defeated the New York Red Bulls 2-0 on Saturday. 

Thanks to Charles Gooch from The Full 90, it was brought to my attention that Joseph is actually suffering from a right knee contusion, which explains why we haven't seen much of the "Haitian Xavi" as of late.

Honestly, in the thick of the playoff run, I had almost forgotten about Joseph. Thus far, we've only gotten a quick glimpse of Joseph when he was substituted into the October 1st match against San Jose for Omar Bravo in the 82nd minute of play. 

I'm hoping Joseph won't be out for too long, even though his chances for actually logging first team minutes probably aren't too good given the fact that Sporting KC are about to start their run in the playoffs. 

I'm still interested, along with a number of Sporting Kansas City fans,  to see how Joseph earned that nickname.