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Greg Seltzer Tabs Graham Zusi, and Chance Myers as Possible Future USMNT Players.

Graham Zusi suiting up for the USMNT might not be as far fetched as first believed. (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)
Graham Zusi suiting up for the USMNT might not be as far fetched as first believed. (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A little over a week ago I posted an article where I brought up the idea of Graham Zusi playing for the USMNT and whether or not U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann would consider the idea. 

My basic theory was that Graham did a number of things very well that Klinsmann desires from his midfielders, and that it was worth at least a shot to bring Zusi in for a try out. 

It's safe to say that more than a few people didn't quite agree with my idea. Some said I was too much of a Sporting KC homer, overvaluing Zusi's talents, and that I wasn't critiquing the U.S. team's midfield correctly, as it's a position of depth for the U.S. squad. 


Luckily, for the sake of my sanity, according to soccer insider Greg Seltzer, perhaps I wasn't too far off the mark with my thoughts. 

In one of Seltzer's latest posts, he lists a number of American players who "either narrowly missed a USMNT position's depth chart, or could conceivably climb onto before the World Cup qualifier next June." 

Among the names listed by Seltzer; Gabriel Farfan (Philadelphia), Chris Wingert (Real Salt Lake), Perry Kitchen(D.C. United), Sean Franklin (LA Galaxy), and....... Graham Zusi. 

I know this is only one man's opinion (although he is one man that knows a ton about the US team), but perhaps I'm not as crazy on my Zusi theory as some would believe. To me, it makes perfect sense. I suppose I just don't look at the USMNT midfield, minus Clint Dempsey, and Landon Donovan, and see a slew of players that I think are sure-fire regular team members. Which is not to say that Graham would be able to beat out some of the midfielders currently logging minutes under Klinsmann, but just that I think he deserves a look to see what he can do. 

Also, a pleasant surprise to me was seeing Sporting KC defender Chance Myers on Seltzer's list. Myers is a name that could very well make sense for the USMNT, as current right back Steve Cherundelo is 32 years old, and there is no heir apparent to take his place. Myers is one of the more promising younger right backs in the country at the moment. 

One Sporting KC name missing from Seltzer's list? One Matt Besler