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Luke Rodgers "Positive" Red Bulls Will Defeat Philadelphia Tonight

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

Although no one is else is probably feeling the same way, New York Red Bulls forward Luke Rodgers feels pretty good about  the Thierry Henry-less New York's chances of beating the Philadelphia Union when the two teams face off tonight at 7PM CDT (ESPN 2).

This is what Rodgers had to say in a recent article

The lads are focused, it's in black and white. In my eyes, we can't be in a better situation, we can only let ourselves down. Win and you're in. It's up to us now, there's no more hiding. I'm focused. I'm quite positive we're going to win the game, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I know one can't really read too much into quotes from players, as usually they are just reciting the same lines over and over through the course of the season ("We had a great practice today, and although we've lost 15 matches in a row, we're feeling really good coming into this week's game."). This is probably one of those interviews, but I love when players say comical things like "We can't be in a better situation" when that player's team is in New York's current situation.

Really, Luke? 

I can think of a couple of better situations;  Maybe if you actually had your best player (Thierry Henry) playing at the most crucial time of the season, and if you're team wasn't a whisker away from being eliminated from the playoffs. Not having Rafael Marquez on your team shattering Tim Ream's little remaining confidence would probably be nice, too. 

The list could go on and on for the Red Bulls this season. 

Oh well, I suppose I should be commending Luke for staying positive in light of New York's season. 

As Charles Gooch from The Full 90 eluded to earlier today, the best case scenario for Sporting KC fans is probably a New York win.