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Caption This Photo!

 (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Another idea I thought might be some fun to do; a caption this photo contest. Basically you tell us what the caption should be for this particular photo of Sporting KC captain, Davy Arnaud, celebrating with the fans after Kansas City's 2-0 win over the New York Red Bulls

Also; the guy who's face Davy is grabbing in the picture; what's he thinking? Is he upset that Davy is grabbing the whole side of his melon with one of Davy's fingers pretty much in his mouth? Or does he not care simply because it's Davy Arnaud's hand?

Tell us what you think!

To the winner of the caption contest; maybe I can convince Davy to grab the side of your head just like he did this guy in the picture! Okay, probably not, but that would be kinda... cool.. I guess.