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Sporting KC Weekly Round Up Version 2.0

Graham Zusi and Sporting KC have their eyes on an MLS Cup. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Graham Zusi and Sporting KC have their eyes on an MLS Cup. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
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In goalkeeper stats Nielsen has the 3rd best goals against average for a keeper that plays over 1,500 in league play. Nielsen finished with a GAA of 1.14, behind only Tony Meola's 2000 season of .92 (2,826 minutes) and Meola's 2004 season of 1.05 (1,890) minutes.

Down the Byline: Sunday After Stats

It was difficult to watch this match though with the thought that one team was about to win home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and one team was going to watch at home. United looked up to the task, creating just as many scoring opportunities as the opponents. They even came close to tying the match in the dying minutes as a cross from Santino Quaranta found the head of Andy Najar in the box. The young Honduran played the ball across the box, but Josh Wolff's open look at goal found the crossbar instead. That's United. A fitting end to the season.

Black And Red United - For DC United Fans

Say Say Oh Playmate is a pretty well known playground song used in hand clapping games.  This makes it easy to find a beat that can be slowed or sped up according to the desire of the fans.  The familiarity of the rhythm and melody should make adapting new lyrics pretty easy.  It would be great to chant when he makes a great play, comes on or off the pitch during a sub or of course after he scores

Ad Astra SKC: Potential Chants: Say Say Oh CJ!

Nielsen had too make too many saves in the first half. Nielsen probably had to make more saves in the first half alone then he has probably had to make in the last three or four games totally combined. Not to say he didn't have some amazing saves, but probably way to many. Guess he can just chalk it up as good practice for the post season.

Two and Two: DC United – Sporting " The Oz Blog

[I give] credit to the guys. They put us in this position. They worked hard. They believed in what we were trying to do and they stayed committed to each other and the organization. From that part, I’m extremely proud because sometimes it’s easy to lose your belief and spirit and I think it’s just the opposite with this group of guys. That really tells you something for the long term – it’s not just right now – and that’s the part of it I’m very proud of.

Quotes: Postgame reaction from SKC's 1-0 victory over D.C. United | Sporting Kansas City

After two weeks of drama, of ups and downs in D.C., nailbiters in New York, and near misses in Columbus, the 2011 MLS Cup Playoff matchups are set.

With Houston victory, MLS Cup Playoff matchups set |

In Kansas City we kept watching our team play though knowing that this team was too good to be as bad as it was. In fact, because of the construction of the new stadium in Kansas City, the schedule was perfectly built for a comeback. Starting in mid June almost every match for the rest of the season was a home match. As it turns out, that is exactly what Sporting needed.

Sporting Kansas City Finishes on Top - MLS - Yahoo! Sports