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The Daily Wiz Makes Its First Signing Of The 2011 Transfer Window

Actually, that doesn't look like Justin at all.
Actually, that doesn't look like Justin at all.

Yeah, Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer used this idea already this year. Sue me.

Ever since I started this little blog last July, I've had tons of fun writing about the our beloved Sporting Kansas City, trying to bring all of you a different opinion on topics from time to time, and even continuing to learn about the team myself and broaden my knowledge. That said, for where I plan to take The Daily Wiz during the upcoming 2011 season, I'm going to need some help.

You see, I've got some pretty big visions and ideas for where this is going. I've begun to work on some things and make preparations for the upcoming season to introduce some new things to the Sporting KC community. (You'll just have to wait couple-three more weeks to find out just what, though.) That said, it's going to take a grand team effort to cover this team this year in a fashion that you (three) readers deserve.

So, that's why I've made my first foray into the international transfer market. I've cracked open my life-savings piggy bank, borrowed from the Royal Bank of Scotland AND used my first of three Designated Player slots to not only double the roster of writers here at The Daily Wiz, but do so with great quality that should only force me to raise my own personal performance a tad just to keep up.

Justin Jacobson is a fellow Sporting KC supporter, big-time soccer advocate and Liverpool FC fan. (Don't hold that last part against him, guys.) I also believe that he's a lover of the US men's national team, too.

I've found him to be very passionate about this fair little club we support, as well as extremely knowledgable. As you'll see in his debut post to come later Friday morning/afternoon, he is someone who understands tactics, (something I'm completely worthless for) so a lot of what he does will probably involve breaking down head coach Peter Vermes' tactics and in-game decisions and options.

Like I said, I have big plans for this blog over the next eight months along SKC's ride to the MLS playoffs and the skies beyond. I'm very excited for March 19 to get here already, but even more so now that I have a co-writer to help shoulder some of the load and offer some contrasting opinions from time to time. Now, everyone take a quick moment to welcome Justin to the blogroll in the comments section. And, like I said, his debut post will be arriving mid-day Friday.

Also, you can follow Justin on Twitter at @Justin_TDW,which I highly suggest you do.