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Announcing Kansas City's Resume To Host A US Men's National Team Gold Cup Game

AOKC - Rated R
AOKC - Rated R

With the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup quickly on the horizon, the northern and central American federation is set to announce the groupings and locations for each match of the bi-annual tournament in about two weeks time. We know that Kansas City was chosen as one of the host sites for the 2011 version of the competition, and will host a doubleheader in the afternoon/evening on Tuesday, June 14.

The thinking heads of US national team supporters group The American Outlaws - Kansas City chapter and Sporting Kansas City supporters group The Cauldron have joined forces and put together a bit of a campaign, or resume, if you will, aimed at the US Soccer Federation (USSF), in hopes of bringing the US to town.

They have designed a website - (because, as I can attest, AOKC does not stop) outlining their case as to why (and I'm inclined to agree with them) they believe that Kansas City should host a US national team game. The site includes a myriad of testimonials from fans, a photo gallery of some great Kansas City soccer shots and all of Kansas City's qualifications as a city.

It's a really well thought-out, designed and catchy looking site. Take the time to check it out today, tweet about it for all your friends to see it, post it on Facebook and spread the news by word of mouth. Use the hashtag #givekcajob. - Please Bring The USMNT To Kansas City For The 2011 Gold Cup