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Postgame Episode Of The Daily Wiz's Podcast: Columbus Crew 1-0 Sporting KC

<strong><em>"Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches"</em></strong> - that's exactly what we were doing following <strong>Sporting KC</strong>'s disappointing 1-0 loss to <strong>Columbus Crew</strong>, this time live from the Johnny's Tavern watch party.
"Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches" - that's exactly what we were doing following Sporting KC's disappointing 1-0 loss to Columbus Crew, this time live from the Johnny's Tavern watch party.

"Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches - Postgame: Disappointment In Columbus"

We all know the result of Sporting Kansas City's game against Columbus Crew on Saturday night by now. It was obviously disappointing. Despite the disappointment, my podcast host/producer and I jumped straight into recording a postgame episode of the The Daily Wiz's podcast, "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches." (seen at the right)

Obviously we discuss the entire game against Columbus, breakdown where things went wrong, and even respond to the ludicrous calls for Sporting KC head coach Peter Vermes' job. Yes, people really went there. Anyway, give the show a listen; we managed to work out the audio issues that left the show only playing through one speaker. T&TTT - now available in full stereo!

As is mentioned in the recording, feel free to send any questions, comments and/or topics you may have to me at, tweet them @TheDailyWizKC or text to (913) 732-3492. The plan is to also, hopefully this week following the game against New England Revolution, stream this show live via the Internet and have listeners at the watch party join in for an open mic segment.

Hit the link at the top of the post to download this week's episode. We are still working on getting things up on iTunes for your listening pleasure, so in the meantime, just bare with us here.