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LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Photos - April 20, 2011

On Wednesday afternoon, I had the pleasure to tour Sporting Kansas City's brand-new, soon to be opened gem of a stadium, LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. Actually, myself and The Daily Wiz's podcast, "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches" host and producer Trent McGee was able to do so, as well.

To quote Trent, "Oh my goodness." It's really quite amazing to see just how far that little plot of dirt across the street from Nebraska Furniture Mart has come since the initial groundbreaking in early 2010. As you probably know, the grass went in three weeks ago, steats have been installed in about 50 percent of the stadium, and the 80'x24' videoboard sitting atop the south end of the stadium is now funtcional and undergoing operational testing during the workday.

Anyway, you probably already know all the specifics, so we'll just get to the beautiful stadium porn that is LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. You can click on any photo to bring it up in 747x1000 or 1000x747, after the jump...


From the northeast corner, showing the functional videoboard atop the south end of the stadium.


Rows and rows of seats in the northeast corner of the stadium, caddy-corner from The Cauldron.


East side roof with lights, complete with awesome shadow below and blue sky and clouds above.


View due south, from directly behind the center of the north end goal.


North end with functional 20'x8' videoboard above The Cauldron.


North end again, with funtional videoboard again. Removable stand in the south end being constructed.


Southeast corner shot of the underbelly of the roof.


View from afar of the supporters' club and "SPORTING" in the east seats?


Beautiful charcoal grey brickwork used throughout the stadium. Extremely classy and elegant looking.


Grass level shot of the east side seats. Again, "SPORTING," anyone? By the way, the grass really is so soft.


Can you say that your foot has been on the beautiful green playing surface at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park? I can.


From dead center suite level looking at the south end.


From dead center suite level looking straight across at the east side seats. Do you see the "SPORTING" now?


More underbelly of roof with south end videoboard showing seals on screen.


Giving it a pseudo-downtown feel despite its location, State Ave. runs no further than 15 yards from the south end of LSP.