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Open Game Thread: New York Red Bulls Vs. Sporting Kansas City




New York Red Bulls vs. Sporting Kansas City
MLS Week 7 - April 30, 2011
7:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm CT
Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ
TV: KSMO-TV (HD), MLS DirectKick
Last Two Meetings: KC 0-3 NY, NY 1-0 KC


After another big letdown last weekend in Foxboro, it's another huge game for Sporting KC this week. Thing is: they're playing one of the best teams in the league this time around, not the patty-cake squads of the first five weeks. This game kicks off a strecth including New York, LA, Seattle, Colorado all in succession.

Teal Bunbury >>> Juan Agudelo

The big KC Cauldron watch party is at Mike's Tavern - 5424 Troost Kansas City, MO. There should be a couple hundred rabid Sporting KC fans there tearing it up for this huge mathcup for Sporting. But, for those of you watching from the comforts of home tonight, come inside and join Andy Edwards of The Daily Wiz, and (hopefully) a few of its readers for what's known around these parts as an Open Game Thread. We'll be discussing tonight's action live, as it happens on the field. Also, we'll (tenatively) be streaming a postgame episode of The Daily Wiz's podcast, "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches" after the game.

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