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New Sporting KC Podcast - "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches"

"Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches"

I got together with my buddy Trent McGee on Wednesday afternoon and recording the first episode of what will hopefully be the weekly podcast "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches". Obviously, we talk all things Sporting Kansas City, the rest of the league, and even try to throw in a little bit of humor from time to time. So, hit the link at the top of the post to jump straight to the download of the episode.

Need reason to check out the first episode? You can find out why they call me - Andy Edwards - Ted. It's not a super great story, but it's a growing phenomenon, surely, and one that you will want to catch onto. If you don't know the reason behind it, you'll just look silly and be left out in the cold.

In preparation for Wednesday night's US Open Cup game against Houston Dynamo, we touch a bit on that matchup, accompanying my game preview, which is set to come out later this afternoon, surely before kickoff at 7 p.m. CT.