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New Episode Of The Daily Wiz's Podcast, "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches"

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Don't worry, Jimmy. I think we all feel this way right now...
Don't worry, Jimmy. I think we all feel this way right now...

Download The New Episode Of Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches"

Another Sporting Kansas City loss - this time just 1-0 to New York Red Bulls - the impending CONCACAF Gold Cup depletion of the roster, a 2-0 reserve league victory over Real Salt Lake on Tuesday, another tedious bye week this weekend, and a special offer for anybody that listens close enough. Yes, all of these are topics on this week's new edition of The Daily Wiz's podcast, "Ted And Trent Talkin' Touches." With no game this weekend, this will be your last chance to hear from Ted and Trent until next week; don't miss out.

And, as always, feel free to send in any questions, comments and/or topics you may have to us at, tweet them @TheDailyWizKC or @stmcgee, or text to (913) 732-3492.

Hit the link at the top of the post to download this week's episode, or you can now find us on iTunes. (iTunes link) And, as always, from Ted and Trent, we thank you for your support and participation in the show.