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Q & A with Sporting Kansas City Midfielder Peterson Joseph You're very skilled on the ball and have a kind of innate ability to work your way out of pressure. It was one of the reasons manager Peter Vermes gave for signing you. Where did you develop those skills? Not every player has those.

Joseph: I'm the youngest of four brothers. Basically, I had to play catch up my whole life and acquire those skills from my older brothers. Obviously, though, in Haiti people learn on the street how to play. A lot of what I have is from playing soccer on the backstreets. Eventually I got some more formal training. But, in my opinion, the basis of technique is picked up when you are small and discovering it on your own.

Interesting interview from with recent Sporting Kansas City signing Peterson Joseph. Gives a little more insight on him as a player, and where he came from.

I've read quite a bit about Joseph, and had the chance to watch some videos of him when he played with Braga. I"m definitely interested to see how his game translates to Major League Soccer. By all accounts, Peterson looked impressive in Sporting's last reserve league game against Real Salt Lake.

You can read the entire Joseph interview here.