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The Daily Wiz Talks Cyprian Hedrick With Total MLS Writer Dustyn Richardson

Yesterday, Sporting Kansas City selected center back Cyprian Hedrick with the 30th overall pick of the 2012 MLS SuperDraft. The pick was somewhat of a surprise, as Hedrick wasn't on most experts' radar as a player that would be drafted.

I had a chance to talk to Dustyn Richardson, who writes for Total MLS, about Hedrick. Richardson has a unique perspective when it comes to Cyprian, as they grew up together for many years.

Dustyn was nice enough to answer a few questions about Hedrick. As always, a big thank you to Dustyn for taking the time to talk with The Daily Wiz.

The Daily Wiz- What kind of player is Sporting Kansas City getting with Cyprian, on and off the field?

Dustyn Richardson- The first thing about Cyp is he has lightning speed. I know when he was young he was a very raw player with the speed but he has since rounded out his game. Also he's a good person. He's got a great personality and is just a good kid.

The Daily Wiz- Some websites have Cyprian listed as a midfielder, and some have him listed as a center back. I'd imagine CB is his main forte, as he was named the Big South Defender of The Year, but is Cyprian able to play the midfield pretty well? Does he play the defensive midfielder role?

Dustyn Richardson- He's been listed as a defender and a forward but during youth soccer and in high school he was a forward. And a very good one at that. He had great speed, like I said earlier, and was a very good finisher. It's very interesting now to see him turning his game into a more defensive player. With that being said I think he could play anywhere on the field. He's a great athlete. He's not a big tall bulky centerback type so it will be interesting to see where Vermes and SKC plan to play him.

The Daily Wiz- More often than not, 2nd round picks usually end up not panning out. How do you think Cyprian will do in Major League Soccer?

Dustyn Richardson- While most second round picks don't pan out I wouldn't put it past Cyp to succeed. He's got the drive and the raw athletic skills to make it in this league. He has the versatility to play multiple positions, which is big. I know for sure, I definitely wouldn't bet against him making it. He may not be a star, but I think Sporting fans got a great player today and an overall good person.