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Lawrence Olum Will Return to Kenya In February

According to my source in Kenya Sporting Kansas City defender Lawrence Olum will return to Kenya in February. The only logical explanation as to why Olum will be returning to Kenya in February just a month before Sporting Kc's season starts is that he will be playing with the Kenyan national team.

The other option is that Olum could be leaving Sporting Kc in February to go to a club in Kenya but I threw that out of the window almost immediately. It wouldn't make any sense for Olum to be here for the pre-season if he was just going to leave in the middle of it.

Like I had said in my earlier story about Olum's international situation with Kenya, the center back had talked to Kenya's new national team coach when he was over there for the holidays. According to Kenya's next 2 matches will be on the 23rd and 29th of February against Egypt and Togo, in that order. So hopefully we will see yet another Sporting Kc player represent the club on the international level in February.