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Former Junior's Update

As ever the former junior's were very active this past week. In-fact, all the former junior's that turned pro or were chosen in the supplemental draft were active this week. Here's the latest update:

Kyle Miller - Currently with Sporting Kc as they start their pre-season in Arizona. Looking for that elusive contract. Assistant coach Jon Parry recently gave his thoughts on the former Rockhurst University defender.

Matt Kuhn - Was recently cut from Sporting Kc's pre-season group after being cut by DC United after being selected in the 2012 MLS Supplemental Draft. All this in a matter of days.

Jon Kempin - Sporting Kc's first ever homegrown player currently with the team in Arizona as they begin their pre-season.

Kevin Ellis - Sporting Kc's second ever homegrown player also with Sporting Kc in Arizona.

I am currently trying to get my hands on a full list of all the former junior's. The one currently on Sporting Kc's site was missing some people. For instance it did not have Matt Kuhn listed.