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Why Sporting Kansas City Has Been So Quiet

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It's been a hushed whisper at best around Sporting Kansas City these past few weeks. Not much if any news has emerged in terms of possible signings for Sporting KC. In all likely-hood it will most likely continue to stay that way for a couple of weeks. And I have a theory as to why.

Sporting Kansas City hasn't made an acquisition since December the 2nd when they snatched up Bobby Convey in a trade that saw a precious international roster spot go to the San Jose Earthquakes - a testament to how much Peter Vermes and his staff believe in the 28 year old.

But since then? Nothing. It's been just under a month since we last had any player movement at all. Leaving many fans questioning when Sporting KC will finally make a move again. But Sporting aren't the only team that has been relatively quiet as of late. In fact, Real Salt Lake hasn't brought anyone new into the club since the end of the 2011 MLS season in November. And those teams that have brought in international players - especially in January - have all been players that were free transfers (players that were free agents and cost no allocation money to buy).

Here's where my theory comes into play. The transfer window for MLS clubs to buy players that are currently under contract in other countries begins on the 21st of January and goes until the 15th of April. My theory is that Sporting Kansas City are waiting until then to buy a high-quality player currently under contract at another club outside of the US. But to buy that high-quality of a player Sporting Kansas City will need a large amount of money. Luckily for us the fans, they have some.

Thanks to Omar Bravo, Sporting KC received a hefty amount of allocation money from Cruz Azul for the transfer of the Mexican poacher. Meaning we could use that money to buy a player of the same or better quality as Omar. Obviously I don't know if SKC will end up doing this but regardless of whether Sporting KC will buy a international player or not I know a flurry of moves is about to hit Sporting later on in January. And it seems as if it at least one of those will be an international one. Anyway, something is coming, and it's slowly but surely making it's way to Sporting KC. I can smell it on the winds when I walk outside and turn my face towards the sanctuary that is LSP. Something's cooking up there, I know it.