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Former Sporting Kansas City Junior's Update

I would like to implement a new segment here at The Daily Wiz called the 'Former Junior's Update'. It's basically a look at Sporting's former junior's that have come through the youth ranks but have since moved on, namely to their respective colleges. So last week on my old blog 'TheFrontMen' I gave a look at all the former juniors and gave you guys some statistics on their college season. But what about the 2012 graduating class that are seniors in high school right now? Well some of them have already committed - at least verbally - to a college. Here is a list of players that have done so.

  • Nate Opperman - Evansville
  • Eric DeJulio - Creighton
  • Andrew Brown - Bradley
  • Daniel Hare - University of Loyola of Chicago
  • Derek Schrick - SMU
  • Evan Wright - St. Louis University

Six Sporting Kansas City juniors have verbally committed to continue their soccer careers in college. I wouldn't expect too many if any Sporting KC development players to commit in the next couple of months, especially if they are seniors. But hopefully they can continue to improve and come back to KC later on down the road.