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Debate of the Week: Roger Espinoza

If Espinoza is healthy by the end of the season, should he play in the final regular season matches?

Kyle Rivas - Getty Images

A report came out earlier this week that Honduran international and Sporting Kansas City midfielder was hurt, and would most likely miss the final two regular season matches. However there is no guaruntee that he will be ruled out for the final matches against New York Red Bulls on October 20, and Philadelphia on October 24.

There is also no guaruntee that Sporting KC will win the Eastern Conference. After drawing with Columbus this past Saturday, Sporting only stands two points ahead of a fiery Chicago team. These final two matches may be important in terms of playoff seeding, meaning Vermes may have to put out his best team possible.

Which leads us to our Debate of the Week.

If Sporting Kansas City needs their best team on the pitch in these final two matches, should Roger Espinoza play, or be saved for the playoffs?