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Sporting Kansas City heads off to Orlando, will take draft picks with, players reactions, and more

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Today Sporting Kansas City players, trialists and technical staff head off to Orlando to start the third stage of the 2012 preseason. In Orlando Sporting KC will face off against 7 teams in the Disney Pro Classic. They include the Houston Dynamo, Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal Impact, Toronto FC, FC Dallas, BK Hacken(SWE) and Orlando City Soccer. Sporting KC will be in Orlando from February the 20th to March the 4th. The first of their games will be on February 24th against the Houston Dynamo, a rematch of the 2011 Eastern Conference Final fixture.

In all, the Disney Pro Classic will have 8 teams competing against each other. 6 of them coming from the MLS of course. I think Sporting KC are certainly one of the best teams in the tournament and will look to earn some more pre-season silverware after last season's Desert Cup succes in Arizona.

ESPN will be broadcasting the final on ESPN3 while will have the rest of the live streaming. Meaning that this will be the first time most of us will be able to see the new draft picks actually play with the rest of the Sporting KC squad. On that note I recently asked the team if they would be taking all of the draft picks with them down to Orlando to which I received an answer saying that all of the Sporting KC draft picks that were with Sporting KC in Arizona will also go with the team to Florida. By my count that makes 5 draft picks that will partake in the Disney Pro Classic. You can see the schedule of who Sporting KC will play in the tournament and more on the Disney Pro Classic here.

Also, I thought it would be interesting to include some Sporting KC players and draft picks reactions as they left for Orlando earlier this morning down below. Not necessarily earth shattering stuff but I thought it'd be cool to have all of the players reactions in one place.