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Graham Zusi Extends Sporting KC Stay to a Suspected 4 More Years

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Today Sporting KC announced that Graham Zusi had signed a new deal with Sporting KC that will most likely keep the central midfielder at the club until 2015(according to this tweet from Sporting KC owner Robb Heineman). Which is just another step in keeping the young core of players that finished first in the Eastern Conference last year at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.

Zusi was one of Sporting KC's best players last season, not just out of the young players, but out of the whole squad. Zusi scored 5 goals and added 9 assists to his account in 2011 and is undoubtedly the go-to-man for Sporting KC's free kicks and set pieces. Zusi also showed a level of vision and calmness on the ball last year that is somewhat surprising to see in a 25 year old.

On top of that Zusi made 2 appearances for the US Men's National Team and scored once against Panama in January. Zusi will be pivitol to Sporting KC's 2012 campaign, so it's really great to see Zusi commit essentially his prime years to the club.