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Pablo Punyed to Play In Iceland?

The other day a El Salvadoran football site claimed on it's Facebook page that Sporting Kc's supplemental draft pick Pablo Punyed was in Iceland. Roughly translate from Spanish it comes out to this:

"Yesterday at midnight Pablo Punyed was reported from Iceland"

I've tried to find more info on the situation but it seems as if this is the only source that states this claim. However, it does back what Kansas City Star writer Tod Palmer said a week ago when he said on his twitter that Pablo Punyed was weighing his European options.

While I'm glad that Pablo is ambitious I would hope that Sporting Kc's staff would have done a little more to keep him in the states and take him down to Arizona with the rest of the players for the pre-season. I mean with all due respect, surely Pablo does not think that Iceland's league as a whole is better than the MLS?

This whole situation is oddly similar to Michael Thomas' story of how he was drafted by San Jose in the SuperDraft but then subsequently left to go play in Sweden for a couple of years. Also akin to Thomas' story, if Pablo were ever to come back to the U.S. Sporting Kc would still own his rights. Meaning that if another MLS club wanted him, they would have to go through us to sign Pablo.