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Former Juniors Update

This weeks update is a little more eventful than the one I posted last week. Some soon to be Former Sporting KC Juniors like Nate Opperman and Eric DeJulio participated in National Signing Day last week and both look to have promising careers ahead of them. Hopefully we see them in Sporting Blue further down the road. On the same note, I should have a Q&A with the Sporting KC U-18 captain Eric DeJulio up tomorrow. Also added to the list is former Junior Tyler Nichol. Here's the rest of this week's update:

Kevin Ellis - Currently with Sporting KC in Tuscon, Arizona preparing for the upcoming 2012 MLS campaign.

Jon Kempin - Kempin is also with the team in Arizona.

Kyle Miller - With Sporting KC as well as a Supplemental Draft Pick

Matt Kuhn - Scored 3 goals on his debut for the Kansas Magic who ended up losing 6-10 to the Louisville Lightning

Tyler Nichol - Also played in the Kansas Magic's loss to Louisville, earned an assist