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Sporting KC Signs Shawn Singh to Already Crowded Fullback Position

Sporting Kansas City announced today that they had signed supplemental draft pick Shawn Singh. Singh was drafted in the 1st round at number 16 for Sporting KC and had been with the team from Arizona onward.

Shawn stands at 5'9 and plays at fullback. It's an interesting signing because there are lots of guys in front of the UCLA product that also play in the fullback position. He's predominantly a left sided player and he might just play a Scott Lorenz type of role where he will most likely not play many minutes for the first team but will get a lot of playing time in the reserve side.

It would appear as if yet again we have a influx of wingbacks this year - guys who can play both fullback and on the wing, and in Sporting KC's 4-3-3 formation they are very interchangeable.

The signing does raise question into the future of Kyle Miller. The former Sporting KC junior also plays a number of positions in defense and it will be interesting to see where he fits into Peter Vermes' plans.

Shawn_singh_140x200_medium(photo courtesy Sporting KC)
Quick Stats:

Height: 5'9

Weight: 145 lbs

Age: 22

Number: 20

College: UCLA