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Soony Saad Training With the Lebanese National Team?

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Yet another Sporting Kansas City player could very well be getting international minutes with their national team. Soony Saad, who's father is from Lebanon thus giving Soony dual citizenship with both the US and Lebanon, has been rumored to have been invited to the Lebanese National Team training camp ahead of the 2014 World Cup Qualification games in June.

This would appear to make sense because the camp was supposed to have began on the 28th, which was just a couple of days after the senior squad beat FC Dallas 2-1 and Soony failed to make the subs after being on the gameday roster for the first two games of the season. An even more startling development was that Soony didn't even feature in Sporting KC's reserves 3-0 to the Houston Dynamo on the 27th. I don't really see how Soony could miss both games unless he is in Lebanon or of course has an injury but it seems unlikely with the articles that have been published.

There is no indication as to how long the camp would last but I would assume no more than a week or two.

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In the beginning of the preseason Soony confirmed reports to me that he had been invited to train with the Lebanon national team, a camp that could of seen Soony miss a good deal of the preseason. The striker also stated that both he and the coaching staff felt that Sporting KC would be more important this year and that for now Lebanon was on hold.

So is now the time when Soony sets his sights on Lebanon again? It would be hard to argue that right now Soony is not really a player that the USA would be interested in and the fans of the Lebanese national team have been more than open to the idea of Soony Saad playing for The Cedars. So why not?

There has however been a picture that has surfaced on the internet showing Soony in a Israeli military uniform in 2008. Multiple groups of Lebanese fans had originally not taken lightly to the outfit Soony was dressed in. But soon enough people started realizing that the picture was not what it seemed. Soony had been posing as an Israeli fighter for a humanitarian organization that was protesting Israeli's occupation of the Gaza strip and was attempting to expose Israeli's actions so Soony was instead hailed as a hero and a true Lebanese citizen.

But that's enough politics, this is a soccer blog after all and I was wondering what you guys thought about Soony playing for Lebanon. I'm all for it, even though he has represented the US at the youth level he is in no way contracted to play with them and his best shot at international time is probably with Lebanon.

*Note: These rumors have yet to be confirmed but I have asked three different sources about the situation, two in Lebanon and one Sporting Kansas City official. I am awaiting replies but will update both my twitter feed(@AlexEnglenSKC) and this article when I have received word of any sort.