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Rumor: Stephane Auvray On The Way Back to Sporting KC?

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Former Sporting KC player Stephane Auvray has been linked to a move back to his former club Sporting Kansas City. At the club he made 27 appearances in just a year and a half and was subsequently traded to the New York Red Bulls where he again failed to make an impact and was waived after 6 games.

The article that was posted on said quote:

"[Stephane] Auvray is reportedly heading to Sporting Kansas City for a tryout with his former club."

Auvray had previously been on trial with the Columbus Crew and played 64 minutes in their preseason match against Chicago on Wednesday. The coaching staff there wanted more time to assess the Guadalupe defensive midfielder but apparently he was already heading off for a trial at Sporting KC.

The move doesn't really make any sense to me seeing as we have a stacked midfield but Auvray has certainly been a serviceable midfielder for the club and got a lot of minutes in when he was here. The suspected tryout does coincide perfectly with Sporting KC's return time from Florida. The team arrived today, will have Monday off, and then start up training again on Tuesday.