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Debate of the week: Who will end Sporting's streak?

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There are not a lot of teams that start out the way that Sporting Kansas City has this 2012 season. In fact, they are off to the third best start in MLS history.

Six wins.

Zero Ties.

Zero Losses.


The fans are staying to get excited. They are taking MLS Cup already. However, to finish the season by winning the remaining 28 games is extremely unlikely. No one has ever done it before, the Los Angeles Galaxy came the closest with a 12-0-0 start back in the embryonic stages of the league.

Most likely, sooner or later Sporting's win streak will come to an end, either by loss or tie. This week's topic is to debate which team will end it. The remaining schedule is below.

Let the debate begin.

Which team is most likely to end Sporting's win streak? Also, will it be a tie or loss, and why?






San Jose

Toronto FC








New England


@New England

DC United


New York

Toronto FC


@New York




@New York