"Sporting Kansas City, You Wish You Were Manchester City"


Umm, I'm not quite sure where to begin on this one. Benjamin Massey over at 86 Forever(Vancouver Whitecap's SB Nation blog) posted quite a odd little "Hysterical Rant" today about Sporting KC and more specifically, the "flaws" in their name. Here are some choice quotes from the post that are sure to get your blood broiling ahead of the game tomorrow. "Sporting Kansas City will be a pimple on the butt of the universe." "You guys were formed in 1999 and still don't know what you are." "a city so unable to form its own identity that it can't even decide which state it's in." "Sporting Kansas City, you wish you were Manchester City" I just....don't even know how to analyze just go check it out yourself. What I feel like he's saying is look, you guys have a flawless team and since their's nothing wrong in the squad itself let's just point out how big of a poopy name Sporting KC is because we all have little man syndrome in Canada. Oh and go leave him a comment:) Let the bantering begin.

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