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Jairo Peixoto Close to Deal With Sporting KC, Says Agent

Sporting Kansas City's newest signing target is 19 year old Jairo Peixoto. The Brazilian center back started in Sporting KC's reserves 1-0 win over the Chicago Fire last week. I certainly had never heard of his name before and I think the rest of the supporters would agree the player was unknown around these parts. That night it became common knowledge that he was indeed on trial with SKC.

After some research following the match, I assembled a quick profile of the player.

The main thing to take away from this guy is that he's big, strong, young, and a former Santos FC youth player(put Brazilian national youth team player too under the "I think he was but google sucks at translating Portuguese" category.)

Anyway, I contacted his agent to see how serious the possibility of Jairo signing for us was and this is what he had to say:

"The player is being evaluated by the club, I believe that soon must sign the contract, provided that the club has interest because we have the intention that he sign a contract with the club."

So it seems as if right now he is still being looked at by Peter Vermes and co. but that the agent believes a deal will be done soon assuming Sporting KC is still interested.