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What Would We Do Without Graham Zusi?

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It's no secret that Sporting KC's attacking midfielder Graham Zusi has been one of the key reasons KC has gone on to a perfect 4-0 start this season. They've gone beyond a lot of people's expectations and have amassed an astounding 12 points from just 4 games and while the team's performances haven't been spotless Graham Zusi has found a way to play well in just about every game this season.

Adding to his impressive 7 assists last year Zusi now has 5 assists in 4 games to start the 2012 campaign. Do the math and that means that technically every 1.38 games Graham Zusi will provide an assist to another Sporting KC player. In all likelihood that assists to games ratio probably won't remain the same the entire season but for now Zusi is the man with a plan for SKC.

Technically speaking, Zusi is extremely gifted. Not only does he have a tremendous shot from distance and great free-kick taking abilities but also possesses great vision that helps him read the attack very well. His power on the ball is an almighty supremacy that can only be matched by standing next to the sun.

So here's a scary thought - what if we lost Graham to a long-term injury? Let's say one day when we're facing Colorado Rapids and Brian Mullan comes in hard on Graham's standing leg, breaking the leg and effectively ends Zusi's season.

So who potenitally fill in for Zusi? Look at the depth chart and you could be feeling a little uneasy. Behind Zusi in the attacking midfield position is Konrad Warzycha and Peterson Joseph, no seriously, that's it. The two of them combined have totaled just 1 appearance in the MLS and even then it was just Joseph coming on as a substitute.

Surely you as a Sporting KC fan can not say that you are comfortable with the depth at attacking mid. While Zusi has gone relatively uninjured in the past two years for Sporting KC we know anything can happen and a long-term injury to Zusi is never out of the question.

So it may be a drastic idea but with the loss of Zusi would we potentially...change...the...formation? I mean he's such a key part of the attack that would be so hard to fill unless we signed another attacking mid of his caliber (i.e. Designated Player).

SKC nation what do you think?