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Sporting Kansas City to Host Third Round of US Open Cup At LSP

Sporting Kansas City announced today that the club would be hosting the third round of the US Open Cup at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park on May 29th against either the KC Athletics or Orlando City SC. Both of SKC's potential opponents have Kansas City connections. It's easy to draw the line between the Athletics and KC while Sporting KC center back Lawrence Olum was a former player of Orlando City. Lawrence won the USL Pro with the club in 2011 grouping him with a select few of current Sporting KC players to have ever won any form of silverware.

Sporting KC will know who they face in the third round following the game played on May 22nd when the Athletics take on Orlando City. The Athletics are one of only 3 USASA teams left in the tournament after two rounds while Orlando City have yet to play a game in the US Open Cup.

It will cost Sporting KC a fee of $12,000 to host the third round. Added on top of that, SKC will have to pay the US Soccer Federation 15% of ticket sales following the $100,000 mark. So if tickets sell for $15 dollars a piece(just speculating here) it would take well over 6,500 people for the USSF to make a profit of more than $12,000 and since I doubt that many people will show up, Sporting KC are the only organization that will profit from the ticket soles.