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Kamara, Zusi, and Espinoza's International Timetable: Depart, Return Dates, and Availability

Roger Espinoza(left) and Graham Zusi(right) in the indigo kits for Sporting KC.
Roger Espinoza(left) and Graham Zusi(right) in the indigo kits for Sporting KC.

The other day in Sporting Kansas City's weekly schedule a section was included that highlighted Sporting KC's three internationals, Graham Zusi, Roger Espinoza, Kei Kamara, and their schedules with their respective national teams.

Although Sporting KC will have two weeks off for the bulk of these player's international games the weekly update does clarify some of the discrepancies that had been floating around the internet as to who would be available for what games for SKC.

So after the jump is a deeper look into each player's schedule and a timetable of each player's games and how it matches up against Sporting KC's.

Roger Espinoza(Honduras National Team)

Games Dates
El Salvador(Friendly) June 2
Panama (WCQ) June 8
Canada (WCQ) June 12

*WCQ= 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

Kei Kamara(Sierra Leone National Team)

Games Dates
Cape Verde Islands (WCQ) June 2
Equatorial Guinea (WCQ) June 9
Sao Tome & Prinicipe (ACNQ) June 15

*WCQ= 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

*ACNQ= 2013 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier

Graham Zusi(United States National Team)

Games Dates
Scotland (Friendly) May 26
Brazil (Friendly) May 30
Canada (Friendly) June 3
Antigua & Barbuda (WCQ) June 8
Guatemala (WCQ) June 12

*WCQ= 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

*Zusi's participation in the US and Sporting KC's games will depend on Friday's announcement of the 23 players that will be chosen to participate in the matches following the camp which Zusi is in right now.

Who Is Available When(Assuming Zusi is called up)

San Jose Earthquakes(MLS), May 27th Orlando City SC(US Open Cup), May 29th Toronto FC(MLS), June 16th
Zusi x x Available
Kamara Available Available x
Espinoza Available Available Available

So no matter what we will not have all three of these important starters in one game(again, assuming Zusi gets the call) in the coming weeks.