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A Quick Hello from the New Guy


I'm checking in here for the first time. Do you need to see my papers?

Hello everyone. I've been asked by Alex to contribute to Daily Wiz and build on the work already being done here at this site. Some of you may know me by my twitter handle "CincySporting" but otherwise you've probably never heard of me.

I'll start out by saying I'm the worst kind of sports blogger. Like a college sophomore at a liberal arts college, I think I know everything when in fact I know nothing. I didn't even follow the team until the 2010 season. I respect the heck out of the long-time fans, but it would be a disservice to them if I called myself anything but a recent fan. Lastly, I am NOT a journalist. I will leave that title to those that deserve it.

I am, however, a complete and unabashed Sporting KC fan. I have no other club soccer allegiance than to Sporting KC. The Sporting Kansas City fanbase--spurred by an incredible organization in Sporting Club--is filled with many different people and is welcomes all types of fans. I feel those of you who are learning this game like I am want to learn more, and I'd love to learn MLS along with you. There will be mistakes, but I hope you'll understand if and when I mess up in the future.

Sports blogging isn't uncharted territory for me: I have a Penn State site which tries to find entertaining ways to express what it is to be a fan of Nittany Lions football, with inside jokes that only you and 100,000 fans would understand. If you've been following the news then you can probably understand that we've found little of entertaining value since last fall. I'll take one lesson from this other blog over here: never take sports too seriously.

I hope I can bring some insight and flair to Daily Wiz and complement the work of the other contributing authors. Some of my work will make sense, some of it will be irrational, but I hope all of it will be fun.