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Favorite Sports Highlight: Claudio Lopez's 60 Yard Bomb Against LA Galaxy

The other day SB Nation informed all of the soccer writers that we were to write a post featuring our favorite sports highlight. It could of been of any sport really but obviously since this is a soccer blog centered around Sporting Kansas City I figure I'd stick with that. So when thinking about what my favorite sports highlight of Sporting Kansas City was, especially in recent years, I couldn't help but remember Claudio Lopez's 60 yard goal against the LA Galaxy in 2009.

Keep Reading for my justification!

Not only was the goal one heck of a shot, but it was also unique in the fact that David Beckham had scored one of his most infamous goals in the MLS just a year earlier in 2008 in the reverse fixture of this match. So I think it provided a little pay back for the fans of Sporting KC(formally the Wizards, remember the whole name switch and everything?).

The other thing that I thought was cool about this highlight was that it shows a very important snip-it of the club's history. For starters, the game was being played at Community America Ballpark, a minor-league baseball stadium that held around 10,000 fans, and is a stark reminder of how fortunate we are to have the ever-impressive LIVESTRONG Sporting Park as our home now.

To go along with the history portion of the video, we see Claudio Lopez, the club's first ever designated player. The then 34 year old was certainly at the end of his professional career but he brought a flair of Latino dribbling and skill that wouldn't be replicated on the left wing until Omar Bravo came around...

We also see in the video the last head coach to work for Sporting KC before Peter Vermes, Curt Onalfo, Wizards manager from 2007-2009, and if you look closely, a young Matt Besler and Roger Espinoza. Here's a little trivia question, can you name the only player in the video(look at 0:20) who is a current member of the US National team?

What's your guys' favorite Sporting KC highlight?