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Aurelien Collin One Yellow Away From Suspension and Fine

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Not surprisingly, Sporting Kansas City center back and fashion extraordinaire, Aurelien Collin, is a single yellow card away from a one game suspension and a $250 fine. With this is in mind, Collin will have to be on his best behavior tonight against the Philadelphia Union if he is to play any part in next weekend's huge game against the Chicago Fire.

However, if Collin can keep his composure and tone the physicality of his plays down for three consecutive games(like that's going to happen), his yellow card accumulation will be brought down to three. Which means he would just be two yellow cards away from a suspension instead of one. It might be a tough task for the big Frenchman but it's one that the rest of the squad will hope he can undergo if he is to remain at the heart of Sporting KC's stingy defense.