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Debate of the Week: Convey or Peterson?

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With Bobby Convey out with an injury, someone on Sporting Kansas City had to step up and, not just play, but play well to fill the void left by Convey due to his injury. Somebody had to step up.

And somebody did.

Ever since given the chance when Convey went out with injury, Jacob Peterson has performed brilliantly for Sporting Kansas City. He has scored goals, including one on Saturday against Columbus, and has certainly filled the void left by Convey.

But Convey will be returning from his injury soon. And I'm sure he feels like playing. What does Sporting Kansas City do?

Debate of the Week: Upon Convey's return, who should start at forward, Bobby Convey or Jacob Peterson.

Your answer should operate under the assumption that Peterson is not hurt from Saturday's match, where he left in the 38th minute.