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Sporting KC President Reveals Failed Attempt to Purchase a Spanish Striker On Transfer Deadline Day

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Earlier this evening Sporting Kansas City's president and owner Robb Heinemann tweeted that he had attempted to sign a 30 year old Spanish striker named Javi Guerra.

The tweet:

It's been a tough day. I thought we would get a transfer done for javi guerra. Didn't happen... We'll keep trying.

Javi Guerra is a 30 year old striker who currently plays for Real Valladolid of the La Liga(aka the top division in Spain).

Although the transfer did not go through Sporting KC fans will surely be thrilled knowing that Sporting KC are at least attempting to sign a striker(and an experienced one at that) as the goals department has surely been the most struggling area for Sporting KC throughout the past couple of games.

Robb's tweet sounded like there wouldn't be any more news regarding transfer deadline day. So for now, we wait on the official word that Sporting KC has signed their other long-time transfer target, Oriol Rosell.