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Sir Ben's Wednesday Wisdom: Soony Saad Can Give SKC a Finishing Touch

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In my first column a few weeks back, I called for Sporting to address their biggest need at the time, which was center back depth. A few days later, Neven Markovic was signed, followed by Oriol Rosell.

I will take this as proof that Sporting Kansas City reads my columns as they know I know exactly what is best for the team, and that they should follow my advice.

In all seriousness, one of the biggest needs Sporting Kansas City had at the beginning of the year was center back depth, and now it has been fulfilled. Sporting then tried to address another problem they had in having extremely poor finishing.

It was revealed that Sporting had tried to sign Spanish striker Javi Guerra, but failed on the last day of the transfer window. Now that the transfer window is closed for this season, Sporting has no choice but to find a way to finish better by finding a solution within the organization.

Enter Soony Saad.

Of course, there's a lot of things going against Saad getting a chance. For one, he's extremely young at only 19 years old. Second of all, he hasn't really seen much action against first string MLS squads so we don't know how he would perform at the highest level. Finally, who would he replace in the lineup?

I believe that Saad can be successful with the right pieces around him, and I also believe Sporting Kansas City has those pieces.

For what he lacks in finishing ability, the chance creating ability of Teal Bunbury is an extremely good asset for Sporting to have. It's the same with CJ Sapong. If Sporting KC has a front line of Sapong, Saad and Bunbury, the chances will be there and I believe that Saad can be the one that adds the finishing touch.

Saad set goal records for his state in high school, and then set the freshman goal record at Michigan. The man is a pure finisher. What better way to get him over his age and lack of MLS experience than to play him?

The only problem I can see right now is who Saad would replace in the lineup. With Convey possibly injured again, as well as Peterson, the opportunity to put Saad in the lineup either as a starter or a sub later in games is opened up.

I am a strong believer in the practice of putting someone in the situation that they need to be better in. Saad has eight appearances so far this MLS season in league play and has failed to produce any goals. But I still believe he isn't going to get any better playing in the reserve leagues. He needs to be put in the high pressure play of the MLS in order to get the experience needed to get those goals.

If Sporting were doing fine in finishing, I wouldn't be suggesting this. Obviously Sporting isn't doing fine, and something needs to be done. Bunbury's and Kamara's plethora of misses this past Saturday against Columbus was another example of the poor finishing that has plagued Sporting this entire season.

Something needs to be done. Sporting Kansas City has a striker in Soony Saad who has performed in the previous levels and should be given his chance to perform in the MLS.

I was right about the Centerback Depth and someone getting injured in the MLS All-Star Game.

I bet I'm right about this too. After all, why not give Soony his chance? We need to be able to finish as the race in the Eastern Conference gets tighter and tighter. If Sporting wants to finish at the top at the end of the season, then they need to finish in their matches. Soony gives them another option as a finisher, and this opportunity should be taken advantage of.