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The Blue Links: 10/7/13

The best links from Kansas City and around the soccer world.


If you haven't seen it already, check out Camillo's goal for the Whitecaps last night. His overhead volley in the 77th minute tied the game for the Whitecaps and made himself a frontrunner for Goal of the Year.

It's a pivotal day for Orlando City Soccer fans as the city council votes to give funding towards a new soccer specific stadium. It is expected that the money will go through, which draws OCSC that much closer to getting a team.

Landon Donovan made history yesterday as his brace tied Jeff Cunningham's career MLS goals record. He passed second place Jaime Moreno with the first goal, then tied the record with the second.

Is the US going to play a friendly with Iran? Both teams are already qualified for the 2014 World Cup and there's rumors swirling around that they may play a pre-Cup friendly.

SB Nation's New England Revolution blog has an entertaining collection of tweets about things that are #BetterthanMLSReferees. Some examples being Congress, Tyler Perry movies and being water boarded.

The Shin Guardian has a very nice article about Bob Bradley and his move to Egypt. It's a very interesting piece talking about trying to coach a World Cup caliber team with all the political chaos around him.

ESPNFC is looking at the emerging talent for England and how all of that emerging talent has suddenly disappeared. They'll be at it all week so continue to look back for the continuation.

The Chicago Tribune features the story of Cuban defector Osvaldo Alonso and his struggles with getting the Cuban government to allow him to play for the US National Team.