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Seattle shopping Johnson, should SKC take a look?

The Sounders are shopping Eddie Johnson around the league. Who will take a serious look? Will Sporting KC?

Eddie Johnson is being shopped around by Seattle
Eddie Johnson is being shopped around by Seattle
Ed Zurga

So it looks like Eddie Johnson will not be returning to Seattle next season. According to Grant Wahl with Sports Illustrated Seattle and MLS are shopping Johnson around the league, trying to find a team that will take him and has the cap room. Johnson was making a guaranteed $156,000 in 2013 but will surely get bumped up to DP level with a new contract.

Johnson scored 14 goals in 2012 and 9 in 2013 and worked his way back in to the U.S. National Team squad where he had 5 goals. He should be in far greater demand than when he returned to the league a couple year ago and everyone passed on him except Seattle.

Eddie had to expect the possibility that Seattle would shop him around after his "pay me" celebration and comments on Twitter but the salary going to Dempsey and other DP moves the Sounders have lined up make Johnson the odd man out.

Which teams will be interested?

DC United may take a serious look. They were atrocious on offence with only 22 goals and they have serious allocation money with the double bonus CCL allocation money for winning the Open Cup spot and the "you suck" MLS allocation funds for being the worst team in the league.

Sporting KC's manager Peter Vermes is very familiar with Johnson after bringing him to the Wizards from Dallas in 2006-7 although most Sporting fans will best remember him from his epic penalty kick miss in front of the Cauldron in the U.S. Open Cup final. Johnson can play pretty much anywhere up top and even some outside midfield. With many people wondering if Bieler is on his way out (being Bravo'd) should Kansas City take a serious look at acquiring Johnson?